Women, Gender & Sexuality Major (before Fall 2015)

A Major in Women, Gender & Sexuality (WGS) requires the completion of 10 courses (30 credits). At least five of these courses must carry a WGS mnemonic (to include combined WGS courses). At least seven courses must be at the 3000 level or above.

All WGS Majors must complete the following required courses:

1) WGS 2100 Introduction to Gender Studies
2) Either WGS 3810 Feminist Theory or WGS 3800 Queer Theory
3) WGS 4050 Senior Seminar or other designated 4000 level course taken in the spring of the senior year.
4) One WGS course designated as concentrating on Global Perspectives.

The completion of (1) WGS 2100 and (2) either WGS 3810 or WGS 3800 are prerequisites for admission to the designated Senior Seminar. A minimum grade of C must be earned in any course counted toward the Major. Courses counting toward the WGS Major may include up to two courses designated as adjunct courses and up to two Independent Study courses. An adjunct course is one in which gender or sexuality is a significant focus, but the central focus is not on women, gender, or sexuality. An independent study course may include one semester of an approved internship. Three WGS courses may be “double-counted” toward a Major in another department; that is, three courses taken for another Major can also count toward the WGS major.


To declare a WGS Major:

1) Review the list of approved WGS Courses to determine what interests you most.
2) Obtain a current copy of your Academic Advising Transcript from the Student Information System (SIS).
3) Obtain a copy of the Declaration of Major form from Monroe Hall or the WGS office in 227 Minor Hall. 
4) Complete the Major Advising Worksheet.
5) Complete the Student Information Form.
6) Contact the WGS Director of Undergraduate Programs to make an appointment to review your completed forms.